The Batangas State University, your Alma Mater, continues to be the largest provider of higher education in the region. Hence, it continues to take steps necessary to ensure that the educational programs it provides are relevant, and that its graduates are of high quality and have high potential for employment.

With these in mind, the BatStateU conducts the institutional Graduate Tracer Study primarily to gather the perceptions of its graduates from AY 2007 – AY 2016 on the relevance of their academic experiences while in the University and their experiences after graduation as regards employment opportunities. The result of the study will provide significant feedback and a picture of the University’s current curriculum and academic activities, which will in turn help identify points for improvement that could be remedied in a more strategic manner.

BatStateU will appreciate your sincere and accurate response in this study. Rest assured that your answers will be taken with strict confidentiality, and will be used solely for the purpose of this study. Through this, it is hoped that the University can better respond to the challenges posed by the changing society by producing a workforce of greater caliber.

Please complete the GTS questionnaire here as accurately and honestly as possible. Your answers will be used for research purposes. Rest assured that your responses to this survey will be treated with strictest confidentiality.

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