Graduate Trace Study

The study aims to assess the employability of BatStateU graduates from AY 2007-2012, hence the following objectives:

1. To determine the profile of the graduates in terms of:
        1.1 sex
        1.2 age
        1.3 civil status
        1.4 course taken
        1.5 year graduated
        1.6 professional examination passed
        1.7 other tertiary level qualification/ advance studies

2. To identify the graduates' reasons for :
        2.1 taking the course or pursuing the degree and
        2.2 pursuing other tertiary level qualification/ advance studies

3. To determine the number of graduates who are currently employed

4. To identify graduates' reasons why they are not currently employed

5. To assess the employability of graduates in terms of:
        5.1 waiting time for the first job
        5.2 number of jobs since graduation
        5.3 employment status
        5.4 present occupation
        5.5 gross monthly income
        5.6 present employer
        5.7 nature of work
        5.8 place of work
        5.9 number of employees in present company/organization
        5.10 length of service in each job
        5.11 position/designation in each job

6. To identify the graduates' source of information about their first job

7. To determine the relevance of the following to the graduates' first job:
        7.1 graduates' course / degree
        7.2 curriculum graduates had in college
        7.3 competencies acquired from the University

8. To assess the graduates' satisfaction in the present job in terms of:
        8.1 intent to stay in present job
        8.2 reason for staying on the job
        8.3 reason for changing jobs
Download here the Graduate Tracer.